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This is the full history of the T-Room from the word go.


03.01.19 - Again, another hiatus! I should really devote more time to this site!!!! I have added a page on replicas of the Pearls of Wisdom compass and the T. Bag Strikes Again Town Clock face. More excitingly, Raymond Childe has sent me the original crown worn by John Cater as Good King Wenceslas! I have taken pictures and included it in the costume section of "Behind the Scenes".

23.03.17 - After a bit of a hiatus whereby the T-Room fell off the Internet briefly due to the closure of its server, it has relocated to a new home again and will continue running from there. It continues to have the same URL, same content, etc., so hopefully it will be business as usual!!!

20.10.16 - It has been far too long, and I really apologise for not updating for a million years, but life sometimes gets in the way. In my case, I have bought and moved into a house and spent all my time doing it up. I have started to put up a new section about the making of the retro sketch. You can find it in the "Behind the Scenes" section.

01.07.14 - Well, it has been years in the making, but I have got together with a few friends and we have made a little video of the retro sketch written by Lee Pressman. Check it out!

19.09.12 - I have found a wonderful clip on Youtube from Magpie doing a feature on television cameras. They pan around the whole of Studio 3, and you get a really good feel of just how small the space was before they leave the studio and walk down the main corridor towards reception and the car park. As they come out of the studio, the stairs to the green room and tech gallery can be seen behind them.

24.07.12 - Just thought I'd do a quick update. I acquired a silver spoon that is screen accurate at last, so I have altered the spoons page accordingly in the props bit of the behind the scenes section. I also made a Rings of Olympus necklace and cushion cover ages ago and have been meaning to put them up. I have finally got around to it. They are also in the props section. Enjoy!

25.04.12 - Well, I have been a busy little bunny this morning. I have been doing a bit of housekeeping. I have created a new section for replica props and a new section for some of the props that were hired for the making of the show. I have also updated the Merry Pippins costume photos to include a skirt that I made for it ages ago. I have written pages for the silver spoons, the High-T's throne, Athena's throne, Prince Tut's throne, Elizabeth I's candelabra and the mummy case. Have fun!

28.02.12 - The Vanity Bag costume has arrived, and I have put up a full description and photos in the "Behind the Scenes" section. Enjoy!

17.05.11 - I have finally found all of the fabrics necessary to repair all the damage to the Pearl Dress. Check out the restoration in the "Behind the Scenes" section.

03.03.11 - I now have the permission of Pinewood group to use the photos and info from the Teddington tour, and it is now live. Find it in the behind the scenes section.

02.03.11 - To celebrate the T-Room's 10th year, my 35th birthday and the release of the DVDs, I have taken a tour of Teddington Studios with the studio manager, Ray Gearing. I am awaiting clearance from the marketing department at Pinewood before I can publish, but once I have it, the article for the T-Room can go live. In the meantime, I have uploaded the T-Bag birthday cake that I made (although I'm sure you'll agree the tour sounds more interesting).

11.11..10 - What a busy time! The DVDs of T. Bag are coming thick and fast, and I am having trouble keeping up with the newflashes on the index page! I have started the competition for the signed sleeves last week, and moved it from the newflash page to its own page. I have updated the FAQ to include some info on the release of the DVDs and that's about it for now! Don't forget to place your orders for all series up to "Turn on to T. Bag"!

19.02.10 - Back when the reunion documentary was being filmed, Lee Pressman lent me a CD given to him be Terry Trower, the composer for T. Bag. The CD contains some of the original recordings made by the cast for "Wonders in Letterland" and also backing tracks and incidental musical stings used during the various series. I have now uploaded this by kind permission of Terry Trower, and you can find it in the "Behind the Scenes" section.

18.02.10 - Finally, I am back to do some updating, and I have taken two weeks off work to do it! I have scanned all of Raymond's photo albums (having obtained a new scanner - the old one died. BOO!), I have processed the negatives that Raymond gave to me (I did this myself, so forgive the dust and scratches on the pictures!), and I have uploaded all but the Christmas special photos into their own galleries. Find them in the "Photos" section! I have some more updates, which I might do tomorrow, but it's my birthday, so I might not be fit to do them!

25.08.09 - I'm back at the T-Room at last! Been a bit of a busy time this year! I'm in the middle of making a load of costumes for a panto, my Dad passed away, and various other things are going on with me, so I have had very little time for the T-Room. In my absence, the T-Room has moved servers (coutesy of Clare) and unfortunately the move broke a load of links, so the Site has been looking a little bit rubbish for a while. Anyway, I have repaired them, and will soon be putting up some of Ray's photos that have been looking at me from my bookshelf very reproachfully!

9.11.08 - Have added another trivia page to the site. I have decided to write a bit about how various costumes were used and re-used during the run of the show. I have also added a new prop that I have had for ages - the "Sinbad's Saucy Arabian Nights" video cover. Find these updates in the "Behind the Scenes" section!

23.10.08 - I bet you thought I was dead!!! I have finally managed to get back to the T-Room (although I am always lurking behind the scenes) and do a bit of updating. I was sick and tired of the videos section not working, so I took it down altogether (BOOOO!), and instead have replaced it with the photos section. Before you get stroppy and think "Boring old photos!", the photos that will be going up here (very slowly) will be those given to me by Raymond Childe. They are exclusive photos of the filming of the series, and many of them give an insight into how the show was produced. They are quite exciting. Also, I have made my own version of the Nibbles prop. Find out how I did it in the Behind the Scenes Section.

21.12.07 - Lee Pressman has sent me a message to say that Fremantle is currently digitising and clearing the rights for T-Bag to be made available as download to own or download to rent. If this is successful, then they will release it on DVD at last!!!!!

6.11.07 - It has been a while, but I have finally put the Star Dress replica up for your perusal. Also, I have thrown in a quick replica of the Black Star Dress for a laugh.

31.7.07 - Dexter has sent me the latest details regarding the release of the reunion DVD. Find them on the Welcome Page of the T-Room!

26.7.07 - Georgina Hale has agreed to do an interview for the T-Room. Find it in the "Behind the Scenes" Section.

21.6.07 - Georgina Hale has given me a couple of lovely little pressies. She has sent me Tabatha Bag's purse, and also the earrings that went with the "Suntones" key costume! Thanks Georgina - they are a great addition to the T-Room's collection! Find them under props in the Behind the Scenes section.

13.6.07 - Just added a bit about how to make your own T-Plant. Hope you like it!

31.5.07 - I have added quite a lot. There is now a behind the scenes account of both days of filming the reunion DVD, and also I have added a section for the props that were available to look at on the days. Find them both in the ever-expanding "Behind the Scenes" section. There is still a lot more to come - I just can't take the pace!

4.5.07 - No updates today I'm afraid, but I must write down that I am terribly excited that I have had 1406 hits in the last week! I got home from work this evening and have had over 300 since yesterday lunchtime!

3.5.07 - I have had a bit of an updating fit (at long last). Whilst I was in London, I went to Twickenham and found the curiosity shop there. I took the opportunity to take some photographs and make a feature in the behind the scenes section. Also, I have bee trawling the site and fixing a lot of the stuff that has been down for ages. The videos still do not work, but Clare has been notified, and she is going to look into it. During the filming of the DVD, I managed to get Elizabeth Estensen, Kellie Bright, and John Hasler to sign some of the costume design sketches that related to them. I have included scans of these autographs for your interest. Also, Raymond Childe gave me the final design sketch for the Velvet Dress, and also the first ever T-Bag design, The Gardener, for which I am eternally grateful.

2.5.07 - I put in the stop press announcement about the DVD realease a few days ago, but today, I have re-written the Key costumes page and put it up. It contains some of the photographs given to me by Raymond Childe, some of which were taken behind the scenes. These are to follow, but I have a few major updates to do, so not sure when.

26.9.06 - Just when you thought I would never update this site again, I have finished putting up the old series commentaries! It has been hell just trying to get myself to do it because it is SUCH A BORING JOB! The Christmas specials are not up yet, but they will be when I can be bothered to get back into it. Hey, I've done three series this morning, so I'm going to congratulate myself and slip into a coma. I have had to kill the guestbook because I was being inundated with Hungarian robots telling me how good my site was and then posting links to casinos, porn sites, viagra vendors, and the like. Sorry, but I am not a marketplace! The Site has come dangerously close to shutting down, because I have been too busy to deal with it of late, but I thought that I can't just let six years of the T-Room slip down the pan, so we are still here for the duration. Must think of something to update with now...

3.2.06 - It's been a while since I last updated this page, but I have been putting the series section back together. All the Tallulah series commentaries are back up, and I have just completed "Pearls of Wisdom". Apart from that, I have been administering the guestbook and forum - lots of evil robots are invading with porn and other lurid content, and I'm trying my best to keep them away.

9.10.05 - Finally got round to doing some more building of the T-Room! I have put Lee's photos and press cuttings back up, and have also reinstated most of the costume pages. Getting there!

23.8.05 - No major updates to report, but I am trying to make some headway with the series section. "Strikes Again" is now up and running. Also, the Mark III velvet dress replica is up for your enjoyment. My flat is slowly filling up with velvet dress replicas!

4.6.05 - Well, here we are at the new T-Room (the T-Room's third home so far!). Hope you like it. We now have loads of php controlling how the site is put together, a new discussion forum, a new video section, a twinkly star background and loads of fancy shmancy bits and bobs (like a floaty menu!!) to bring the T-Room up to date. Best of all, there are no more infuriating advertisements anywhere! Many thanks to Clare at Berzerk for all her hard work!

8.10.04 - Lee Pressman has kindly allowed me to copy some of his photographs and press cuttings produced during the time that T-Bag was being made. I have included them in the "Behind the Scenes" section. I would like to thank Lee for his continuing support.

10.8.04 - I have made a replica of the original T-Bag dress that featured in "Wonders" and "Strikes Again". El has modelled it for me, and I have documented how I made it. Find out more in the Behind the Scenes section.

14.5.04 - I have made a more faithful copy of the Red Velvet dress, and it is available to view in the Behind the Scenes section with a description of how it was made and modelling photos with El.

31.3.04 - Well, Time for antother update. I guess you all think that I have been dead or hibernating over the winter. Truth is, I was studying hard up until October, and have finally been awarded my PhD, and time has just flown since then. Anyway, I have received the specially commissioned Velvet Frock replica, which I am thrilled with, and I have added its description to the Behind the Scenes section.

20.8.03 - I have finally completed the section on the design sketches for the show and they are now online in the "Behind the Scenes" section.

11.7.03 - I have had my chat with Raymond back and he has approved the draft, so it is finally online in the "Behind the Scenes" section.

27.4.03 - It's been a great week for me at the T-Room! I have loads of updates coming your way! I have been to see none other than Raymond Childe. I therefore have an interview with him to publish once he has approved the draft that I have written, and also I have a whole portfolio of costume design sketches that he sold to me. Also ("Stop!" you cry, "We can't take the excitement!") I have acquired Tallulah Bag's Merry Pippins jacket from "T-Bag's Christmas Cracker", and have added this to the costumes bit it in the behind the scenes section.

22.4.03 - It's funny how things can come back to haunt you if you keep putting them off! is closing down in early May. This was the home for the T-Room's Message Board and Guestbook, so I'm having to move the guestbook over here to Lycos, and temporarily close down the message board (although it will still be available until May 4th). BOO! I loved that message board too with its witty repartee and its intelligent dialogue (not to mention the odd rogue picture of a naked woman or two - JOKE!).

19.4.03 - I have expanded the studios bit in the "Behind the Scenes" section. It now includes photographs that I took back in January of the studio buildings and the surrounding area. It also includes a link to the studio's corporate Site. I have also finally written the "T-Bag's Christmas Turkey" commentary!

15.04.03 - I have added another bit to the costumes section. Now there are images of all of T-Bag's main frocks for your enjoyment.

14.04.03 - Have added the theme tunes to the main TV series to the "Sounds" section. Have reinstated the counter on the main page, and added Lycos statistics to monitor your settings so I can judge how you will all be viewing the page and adjust it to suit the most common settings. Still working on the Site - I will never abandon it! Anyone have any ideas about what they want to see?

09.01.03 - Good grief, how time flies! I have spent the last year or so not updating this site at all! I have been working hard behind the scenes, however, trying to get the series released. Any news that I get will probably be posted on the main page and also on the discussion board. Thanks for all of your emails. I do read them all, although I get so many that I find it hard to reply to all of them. Thanks to everyone who has supported the campaign to get T-Bag released - let's hope it finally happens.

As for the updates - I have added a single page linked from the Red Dress page (in behind the scenes) giving a few details about how to make a copy of the costume, a list of the materials that you will need, the approximate cost, etc. It also has line drawings of the dress which I threw together showing all of the panels. There is more to come on this page. It also shows the attempt at a copy that I made!

22.12.01 - Well, Merry Christmas! I can't believe how long it has been since I updated this page! I have acquired another costume from the T-Bag show - the flamenco dress that Tabatha Bag wore when she appeared in Carmen in "Take off with T-Bag". I have included the photos of my Sister in the dress and also a description as with the other costumes.

16.10.01 - I have added a load more sounds to the dialogue section of the T-Room for your enjoyment.

1.10.01 - I have replaced the picture of the T-Bag costume with one of my sister modelling it. I have also added a page of her thoughts on wearing the dress.

16.9.01 - I have just added a temporary picture of the T-Bag costume being elegantly modelled by two pillows and a large cushion - it's not easy to come by young, talented models of this calibre! I have also added the commentaries of three of the four Christmas specials, so only one more to go!

12.9.01 - Wow! Has it really been this long? Well, to tell you the truth, no it hasn't because I have been adding little bits and bobs here and there. You may have noticed that I have done a bit of a photo shoot with my sister modelling the nightie. I have added the photos and a page of her thoughts on wearing the dress. I must say a big thanks to her for being so self sacrificing. The Red dress has arrived, and I am thrilled to bits with it - it looks so different in real life! A big thanks to As if by Magic for that! I have included a feature on it, but there is no picture of it on a model, so I will be kidnapping my little sister again soon to get one.

30.7.01 - Just had a writing and housekeeping fit. The T-Room has had a couple of extra sections added. I thought that it was about time that I added a FAQ, as well as giving Lee and Grant's interview a proper home in the new "Behind the Scenes" section. Have you read the T-Room news? Yes, I have added details on a T-Bag costume that I bought to this section, so now you can see just how much attention to detail went into these fabulous costumes. Don't ask me how I came by it, I will tell all once the other costume is safely in the T-Room. As a result of all these extra sections, I have had to lump the "Main Characters" and "Anchor Characters" into one section called "Characters". This button will take you to a sub menu that I threw together. Yes, I am aware that the font that I chose for the buttons is diabolical - I didn't realise until it was up. Will change when I have the time!

19.7.01 - I have hopefully sorted out the glitch with the discussion board - no idea what went wrong there! My sister pointed it out to me that it didn't work (Thanks El!). Also I have learned how to change the background so that it remains static whilst the text scrolls over it, so I have been through the whole site and changed it on every page.

14.7.01 - I have now finished all the main episode guides. All that I have to do now is the episode guide for each of the Christmas specials.

12.7.01 - At last, I have finished "Take Off with T-Bag". All of the episodes from this series are now online with pictures.

11.7.01 - Sorry I haven't been around for a while! It has been quite difficult to find time for the T-Room whilst I am writing up my Ph.D. I have added a few little bits onto the T-Room, though. I have uploaded some more images of Tallulah and Tabatha on the Main Characters page, and, by popular request, I have added some sketchy information about the main and anchor character actors which can be accessed by clicking on the name of the actor/actress on each page. I have also made the song page a little more obvious by including a "front page" to the sounds section. As for completing the series commentaries, I am nearly there - I have only to write the last two "Take-Off with T-Bag" episodes, and then I can go back and have a look for the episodes that I have missed. Then I can start on the Christmas Specials!!!

13.5.01 - Well, I've been away from the T-Room again for quite a while. I have been doing various bits and pieces to it here and there, with a lot going on behind the scenes. I have been adding more storage space to it courtesy of Tripod and I created a whole bunch of mp3's for the songs page and uploaded them only to find that Tripod doesn't seem to support them! I therefore went back and recorded complete songs in poor quality sound and these should now be available for download on the songs page. I have also (at last) started work on the final series - "Take Off with T-Bag". The first two episodes are up and hopefully I should get time to do some more this week. I still need to finish off the missing episodes from the other series, however, and do the Christmas specials, so there is still a lot to come!

14.4.01 - Grant has sent me a tape of all of the missing episodes, as well as a full cast list, transmission dates and the title of each episode for those anoraks amongst us (like me!). I have added all of the transmission dates and also the commentaries on episode 6 of "Strikes Again" and episode 6 of "Bounces Back".

5.4.01 - Well, what a few weeks it has been! I've been helping out a pal desparately trying to clean up an old student house which has been standing empty for 2 years and needed renovation before it could be sold, but I'm back now and I've added the last five episodes of "Wonders in Letterland to the "Series" section. Sorry it's been so long! I am still working on the site, I promise.

13.3.01 - Grant has sent me the rest of his replies to the questionnaire, which I have included in the interview section.

10.3.01 - I have added the first five episode commentaries of "Wonders in Letterland" to the Series section.

9.3.01 - Lee has very kindly supplied me with a copy of "Wonders in Letterland", so I have updated and rectified the information on it in both the Series and the Anchor Characters sections. WHOOPPEE! :-)

7.3.01 - Grant has sent me some answers to the questionnaire, so I have included them.

6.3.01 - The T-Room has moved to Tripod and had a complete facelift.

5.3.01 - I have added the commentaries for "Suntones" episodes 7-10. Pictures to follow shortly.

4.3.01 - I have added the interview with Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro.

25.2.01 - Finally, I have got back to do a small amount of updating! Sorry I haven't been around for a while - it was a mixture of my birthday, hefty workload, etc. I have now started to add "Sunstones of Montezuma", and am up to episode 5! I have also noticed that I had made 2 mistakes - The episode in "Take off with T-Bag" with Evelyn Sweeney was not unique having 3 guest stars - episode 4 of "Sunstones" has 3 guest stars, too. Also, there was one more song that I hadn't remembered to include - John Hasler singing "Marshmallow Monday" in Episode 5 of "Sunstones". I have rectified both errors and apologise! P.S. The T-Room has now broken it's first 1000 visitors! I'm so excited! Sorry - I'll try to contain myself.

3.2.01 - I have now added all but episode 7 of "Rings of Olympus" - I had a bit of an accident with it (I wrote it and then saved the next episode over it - There's computer literacy for you!).

30.1.01 - The T-Room has broken 500 visitors!

28.1.01 - I have added the first six episodes of "Rings of Olympus". More to follow shortly!

21.1.01 - I have completed "The Pearls of Wisdom" synopses and included them with the respective images in the Series section.

14.1.01 - The first four episode commentaries of "Pearls of Wisdom" added to the series section.

13.1.01 - I have added the commentaries to "T-Bag and the Revenge of the T-set". Images have also been added.

6.1.01 - I have added a subsection to the sounds section that has clips of all of the songs used in the series.

5.1.01 - I have had another fit of writing and written the commentaries of all of "Turn on to T-Bag". Pictures have been added to most (but not all) of the episodes. I have still to capture some images for the final episode. I've also snazzed up the old "T-Room" logo a bit. I think it's a great improvement.

2.1.01 - I have had a major writing fit and written the commentaries of all of "T-Bag Bounces Back". Pictures have been added to these, as well as links to all other parts of the T-Room.

1.1.01 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! I've sorted out a few little bugs on the site pointed out by my sister and mum (thanks mum and El!). The links within the T-Room are now RED (what else?) so you don't have to screw up your eyes to see them any more. Also, I've renumbered the sounds on the sound page so that there are no longer 2 number twos (how embarrassing that was!).

19.12.00 - Nothing new on the site, but I thought that I'd record the date that I broke my first 100 visitors!!!!! WHOO-HOO!!!!!!

18.12.00 - You can now access any main section from any page of the T-Room as I have included links on every page. I have decided against including a gallery as such. I am including screen grabs from the series from their respective episode commentaries in the "Series" section.

14.12.00 - Whoops! Just noticed that I hadn't put actors names in the Series section! Duh! Have rectified the situation.

12.12.00 - A few sound clips added to the Sound section. More to follow soon.

9.12.00 - Episodes 8-10 for "T-Bag Strikes Again" added to the Series section.

4.12.00 - My T-Bag theme tune MIDI file added to main page. This file was arranged and mixed using and AWE64, so it may sound weird on anything else. Hopefully it won't, however!

2.12.00 - About Me page added with beautiful (?) picture of me. "T-Bag Strikes Again" episode guide enabled up to episode 8. Episode snapshots added to it.

23.11.00 - Guestbook enabled, What's New page added (Whoo-Hoo!), contact address added, all links enabled (although most are still blind-ending at the moment. I have to sleep sometime, you know!) About Me page under construction. Hope to be finished tomorrow (not a lot to say!)

22.11.00 - Links to Main, Main Characters, Series and Anchor Characters enabled. Respective pages added. Series page isn't exactly easy on the eye - will sort out....I promise!

21.11.00 - The T-Room takes to the air for the first time!!! Main page active, Main Character page added, but no link to it, so you can't see it...BUT I CAN (BWAHAHAHAHAAA!).