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This is the original fansite totally dedicated to the fantastic adventures of T-Bag, everybody's favourite tea-swilling sorceress.

The website has now been running since November 2000, has moved twice, and has scored over 1000,000 hits in its time (counting all the times the counter has reset due to moves, software glitches, etc), and during its time in its former home of Lycos Tripod, became one of the top 50 most visited sites in the UK on its servers. We house some of the original costumes, many private photos taken by the crew, the surviving costume design sketches by Raymond Childe, and a host of publicity photos, magazine articles, exclusive interviews, and details of original props, not to mention details on how we constructed faithful replicas of both props and costumes!

So come on in - the T-Set is alive and kicking and ready for you within these pages!


Never heard of T-Bag?

Well let me give a brief introduction...

The "T-Bag" series was a product of Thames Television (now part of Fremantle Media) and ran from the early Eighties to the early Nineties. It was written by Lee Pressman and Grant Cathro (writers of Americanised burger sitcom "Spatz", "Mike and Angelo" and various episodes of "The Tomorrow People"). The basic storyline in each series was that a power-crazed witch (T-Bag) had taken up residence inside some object in a junk shop belonging to a boy (Thomas) and his Grandad. She would oust whoever else was living in the object and create a T-Room for herself. T-Bag would then make her presence known by kidnapping Thomas (who was thenceforth known as T-Shirt) and forcing him to be her servant (or T-Caddy) to keep her magical powers strong by making endless cups of tea from the leaves of her evil T-Plant.

Into the picture comes a sweet, innocent young girl who then happens across the object in the shop and meets the character that has been usurped by T-Bag. Invariably, that character knows how to banish T-Bag (always involving a number of mystical artefacts that T Bag has stolen and scattered about the place so as to avoid banishment). The young girl then has to go and collect them all back up again and restore them to their rightful place.

There are some variations to this story, but the outcome is almost always that T-Bag is destroyed in the end. That's the intro, now click on a link in the menu (left) to find out more!

One last word before you go on - I have produced all of the images and the content of this site myself and have spent many long hours doing it, so if anyone out there is thinking of producing another T-Bag Web page, please could you email me and ask if you wish to use any images, sounds, etc. before you use them? If you do, then I can supply a link to your site here, also!


The T. Room has produced a film of the Retro Sketch!

After YEARS of planning (I mean about two), the T. Room is proud to announce that it has filmed the Retro Sketch with the permission of Lee Pressman. The sketch features the return of Tallulah Bag (played by the wonderful Norma Izon) and T. Shirt (played by the very talented James Lawbuary) in a one-off encounter that leaves us believing that T. Bag and T. Shirt are still out there trying to take over the world.

Check it out!



The sketch now has its own "making of" section. You can find it here, or in "Behind the Scenes".


Teddington Studios has been demolished.

This is a terribly sad video, but necessary to be included. It shows Teddington Studios (where T. Bag and many other kids' TV shows such as Button Moon, Rainbow and The Sooty Show were filmed) as a pile of rubble. It is filmed from the Thames side of the studios, so Studio 3 would have been in the top right hand corner of the site.